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        a. Make sure you take the photo of your pet at eye-level rather than from above... With the exception of images for "No Take. Only Throw." where an action photo can be used in its entirety rather than removing the background. Pro tip: To get great expressions from your sitting pet, try squealing like a pig, squeaking like a mouse or howling like a husky... We kid you not, it works. Treats close to the lens *might* work but don't raise them above the lens or your pet will be looking in the wrong direction.

        b. Don't shoot indoors as lighting will usually be low and mixed quality. Shoot outside in a well lit area out of full sun to avoid contrasty shadows.

        c. Center your pet and/or fill the camera frame with their full body, making sure to avoid frontal obstructions. Use square or vertical orientation.

        d. Consider which poster you've chosen. For instance, if you chose "Jaws", you might want to spray your pet with water to add to the illusion. If you chose "Breakfast at Tiffany's", adorning your pet with a little jewelry (including a tiara), really helps add interest. 

        For "Dogfather", a wide-angle shot makes an excellent photo!

        e. Make sure the photo is high quality, jpg or png and NOT blurry.