We ID pets that have NO ID...

Because tags wear out, widgets fail and six out of ten microchips aren't registered. In a device-filled world, our solution is deviceless.

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The Future of Pet Identification is... not another device.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them." - Einstein

The world doesn't need another widget on a collar, it needs centralized data and a better identification system. FourLeggedTribe™ creates virtual IDs for pets. When there's no ID, the pet is the ID.

FourLeggedTribe™ is a web-based application encompassing a database for ALL pet IDs and a patent-pending, visual interface that creates virtual IDs based on genetic criteria. Our 12-Point PetMatch™ leverages our natural ability for pattern recognition. When other IDs fail, the pet is still connected to his tribe because his Virtual ID makes him the Actual ID. No chip, tag or widget required.

Progress So Far:

Years of research

Canine genetics. Chips and widgets. Stakeholders. The market and its problems. Shelter issues.

Patent pending

12-Point PetMatch™: Our virtual ID system. Still waiting... Waiting.

MVP Build

70% complete including the visual UI for 12-Point PetMatch™.

Number of followers

Facebook to date: 31,447.

A truly effective pet identification system cannot exist without centralized data aggregation.

The Great Disconnect

"In a technologically connected world...why can't we fix the lost pet problem?" - Steve Wozniak

The lost-pet problem can be summed up in one word: Disconnection. Pet owners can be disconnected from their pets because of error-prone hardware. Pets can be disconnected from any database because their information wasn't registered before they went missing. Databases are disconnected from each other because competitors don't collaborate. And shelters are disconnected from each other due to proprietary software. When reunification depends on connection, the market fails miserably. With the advent of millions of people enjoying pet-friendly travel destinations, the problem is compounded when pets go missing in cities they don't live in.... And for those people that leave their pets at home while they travel, current ID methods only connect to the pet owner (when they work), not the pet caregiver.

No Central Data Aggregation

The first Achilles Heel of lost-pet identification: Without a central database, users have no fast and effective way to find information.

Hardware Problems

The second Achilles Heel: When the tag is worn out, the widget fails and the chip isn't registered, users have no back-up ID system in place.

Fragmented Market

There is a plethora of competing microchip companies (middlemen), widget makers and lost-pet websites but each exists in isolation from the other which challenges the flow, availability and location of information when needed.

Lack of Collaboration

Shelters use different software products but not a common API. Microchip companies and city license departments will not make IDs publicly available.

Tags wear out, widgets fail and sixty percent of microchips aren't registered.

Features and Benefits

Fixing The Disconnects

Always be connected to your pet through his virtual ID.

With centralized, public aggregation of pet ID data and a way to earn points for participation, we solve the disconnects in pet reunification and provide incentives to participate so pet families are prepared for a missing pet event. Our goal is a big one: To create a centralized ID system incorporating a 12-Point PetMatch™ for every pet in America - Safe, Lost or Found.

Virtual ID

12-Point PetMatch™

connects you to your pet.

Extended Contacts


connects your pet to your tribe.

One place / All IDs


connects your pet back to you.

The Team

Susan Goddard

Susan Goddard

Thinker. Problem Solver. Analyst. Obsessively sticktuitive. Creative. Reader. British. Dog Fanatic.

James Creasey

James Creasey

Social Entrepreneur. Innovative thinker. Answerer of many questions. Illuminates paths.

Joshua Fischer

Joshua Fischer

Facilitator of Change. Manifestor of Bold Plans. Details Man. Clarity of Purpose.

Tribal Elders



A Portuguese Water Dog of Immense Wisdom. Best Friend. Confidant. Thirteen years young. (Atypically worried about all the lost cats in the neighborhood.)

Kirk. Cap'n James T.

Kirk. Cap'n James T.

Has a ten year mission to love, be loved and boldy pee where all dogs have peed before. Believes there is always a solution to any problem.


Bones. Leonard McCoy.

Can't cook chicken soup since it's difficult to do without opposable thumbs but can definitely soothe your soul. Loyal Sidekick.

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